Saturday, June 2, 2007

FDL on the Democrats in Congress and the war Funding

I love this article. It says everything I was trying to say below:

By Teddy at FDL:

"The primary power of Congress — funding — has been put into an untouchable box by the rhetoricians of the right. They dare us to cut off funding for the troops if we hate the war so much. Our side's leaders then sputter that they "will never leave our troops in harm's way without everything they need." Their side's mouthpieces accuse our leaders of political cowardice by saying that they want to end the war but won't use their power to do so. But those who vote to close the purse are accused of undermining the troops.

Got that? "You've got the power, so use it," when used, equals "You undermined our troops." It's cowardice not to use the power if you believe in ending the war, but! — only a traitor would undermine our troops in the field. Got it?"

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