Sunday, October 10, 2010

So Here's the Deal

I created this blog around the same time that I created my video blog Media Crashers. As it happened between that blog, My Band Blog, My Facebook Page, My YouTube account, and all the other projects I had on my plate, I barely had the time to keep a constant flow of information on that blog when it came to finding and posting content. So this blog became the orphan in my internet family. The problem, though, is that none of these outlets let me express myself in an essay or article type format and I seem to have a lot to say when I participate in the comments on other blogs or wherever the conversation may happen.

So it is with this in mind that I have decide to get more active on this blog as a primary site for writing out, or re-posting, whatever I am feeling passionate about at the time as I wander around on the internet. So welcome to the rebirth of Plisko Blog! I have no expectations at this point except to create a record for myself of my thoughts but everyone is welcome to come along for the ride as I try to figure out the world.

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